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Pusher - Trilogy

Pusher - Trilogy

The Pusher trilogy is a series of films by Danish film director Nicolas Winding Refn. They illustrate and explore the criminal underworld of Copenhagen. The trilogy is composed ofPusher (1996), Pusher II (2004) and Pusher III (2005).

The first part of the trilogy follows Frank, a mid-level drug dealer, for a week. It depicts his depravity, how his actions forces him further and further out on thin ice and the bittersweet relationship he has with his girlfriend, Vic.
The movie was a blockbuster, not only in Denmark, but internationally. It was also the movie that launched both Refn's and Mads Mikkelsen's careers.

The second part of Refn's trilogy, which was made to save his company, Jango Star, from bankruptcy, follows Frank's low-level criminal sidekick, Tonny.
It illustrates how Tonny is rooted in an evil spiral of crime and drugs, his relationship towards his notorious, cynical father and how he adapts to the consequence of being a father himself.

The third and last part of the trilogy, depicts a day in the life of Serbian drug lord Milo.
Milo, who was a feared and respected man in the first two movies, has since aged. He does not have the same grip on the underworld that he used to and is now slowly losing the battle against a younger generation of immigrants, who now want a piece of the action. The film shows Milo's downfall and his desperate attempt to reclaim the throne.


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