srijeda, 16. veljače 2011.

Old School: Ocean's Eleven (1960)

Ocean's Eleven

This 1960 Rat Pack movie really has very little in common with the 2001 remake (and even less in common with the 2004 sequel, Ocean’s Twelve). Both are about eleven guys (led by a guy named Danny Ocean) trying to pull off a big casino heist in Vegas, but that’s where it ends. In the original, the Eleven are a bunch of military buddies—not a bunch of professionals—who decide to use their military training to pull off a “fool-proof” robbery of five casinos in Las Vegas just after midnight on New Year’s Day. At the suggestion of idea man Spyros Acebos (Akim Tamiroff), playboy and prankster Ocean (Frank Sinatra) gathers the boys together, and they all hit Vegas to put the plan into action. 


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